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I have been promising for months to do a gear review  on some products I’ve gotten to test out. This way I will be thanking the companies ,that have let me use their products. I will be honest about the products and not lie to you and say they are the best in the world and you should buy them right now or some mumbo jumbo like that. I will also not review a product I don’t like ,though there are some companies out there producing some serious garbage so buyer beware. One of these products I had to buy out right and Im not sponsored by this company in any way but want to give them a shout out!  There is also two  small fly companies  I want to say a big thank you to!

So to start in the spring I got a chance to test out William Joseph waders their wst waders http://www.williamjoseph.net/products/product_14.aspx They were still in the testing phaze on this wader when I got them and have upgraded these waders since I got them. They added a pocket in the front pouch, good for storing all the little things we like to take with us on the river and there are two smaller pockets on the front one for keys or your cell phone or what ever fishing nic nack you decide to put in there. The waders fit differently from what you might be use here. These waders have an inflatable life vest inside them. This feature alone is worth its weight in gold . The life vest makes the upper part of the wader feel a bit more bulky but the fact that you could be wading somewhere and fall in and be able to inflate a vest sure made me feel a lot better about wading in some crazy spots.They also dont get in the way when you row a boat which I think is a nice feature  for guides ,who take their life jackets on and off . Life jackets are  still required when using these waders. The inflatable bladder is just an added safety precaution. I received these waders and heard two different stories about people in waders one that lived and one that died.  The first was about a guy who had slipped in the Deschutes and got sucked across stream his waders had filled with water and he was hanging onto the edge of a cliff embankment.He got lucky and someone heard him yelling for help ,the guy who saved him said the man had hypothermia when they got him out.If he had the wst waders on he might have been able to get out of the jam before it started. The second story was about a guide on the snake river whose boat got hit by a floating log he and his clients got tossed into the river.His clients had their life vests on and just made it out. The guide didnt have his life vest on he had been helping his clients at the time the boat got hit . The last they saw of the guide was of him floating next to his boat .Your waders fill with water when you get tossed into the drink and act like an anchor.Trust me you dont want to be in that situation! https://flyfishingbrothers.wordpress.com/2010/06/read that if you want my first hand account ,  this is how I ended up with the waders in the first place .So thank you William joseph for coming up with these waders ,I think they will save a life one of these days and I’m giving them a big thumbs up ! I’ll be testing some more of their  gear so expect a few more post from me about there stuff in the future.Thanks Willy J

Next is Irideus fly boxes ,most of you might have seen a post or two from these guys on facebook or maybe ebay .http://www.irideus.com/flybox.html The guy who own this company is a true die hard fisherman and loves the outdoors I have used three of these boxes the Melot which is a waterproof box that will hold a ton of flies .the box snaps close very easily and I have all of my wet flies on one side and all my skaters on the other side. The second is the tribute tube fly box ,this box is the best tube fly box hands down it closes and locks easily and holds your hooks and tubes and i have never used all my flies in it in one day thumbs up on this box ,the third is a new box for trout flies and they hit the money maker on this one http://www.irideus.com/rise.html it is compact and has a tough shell the inside has enough room in it for a whole days fishing for trout I have two one for dries and one for nymphs. This box is so impressive for a trout fisherman.The leaf in the middle makes thees boxes easy to separate your flies.The best things about these boxes they are water proof and they don’t cost much. Irideus is the working mans fly company.

Now we come to Korkers I just bought a pair of these boots last fall and have beat on them like crazy .I got the predator boots with the rubber soles ,they are not removable I adde simms star cleats to the bottom of the boots .I have to tell youIim so impressed with these boots .I got the non removeavble soles because i figure everything is going to switch over to rubber anyway . I got the best cleats I could .I will tell you now they things work great !!! the boa system laces are so noce you are in and out of the boots in seconds once you learn how to use them ,which is pretty darn easy ,the outside of these boots are seriously tough .I caught on some barbwire in that was caught in the ground and it only scratched the boot.my out boots would have been torn in half ! They support you ankles well and for some reason i can feel the rocks and boulders better as i wade in these .I would suggest these boots to anyone. This year they are calling the same boot the Kling on boot it has an upgraded lace system and the front of the boot was made even tougher . One thing about these boots they did seem to be sized small i take an eleven in most wading boots and had to go up to a size 12. Check them out !

Now for the little fly company’s most of you who read my blog know I,m friends with Aileen from MK flies .This past year I had a boat accident and lost a lot of gear ,including my trout fly boxes and two rods and reels . I was pretty bummed to lose two rods and reels and my fly boxes .My friend  Scandalous Steve was so cool to give me an older 4wt rod which is just a sweet rod ,that i caught a super brown on when we were fishing and Aileen comes along and gives me a enough flies to fish with and fill a box. I have not met nicer people then this in my whole entire life !  They have given me a bit of faith in man kind.So I wanted to give them a shout out and tell you to check them out Aileen ties sweet trout flies of all kinds and Steve is a master Rod builder his skills are super impressive and I have seen lots of custom rods and this guy is one of the best I have seen out there.http://mkflies.com/and   http://www.scandaloussticks.com/2010/10/04/custom-fly-rods/So there you go my first product review hope  you like it and I hope i didn’t sell out to bad here .Im just trying to give a little thanks back to the people who supported me and also talk about the products I was impressed with.



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  1. Thank you, Mike, for the shout out! 🙂 I have seen Stephen’s fly rods and they are a piece of art! Wonderful rods. Also, Timothy was kind enough to send me Irideus fly box and boy are they sweet!

  2. Nice review. Hadn’t heard f MK flies but will check them out!

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