The return to the East from the west !

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So in the past few months I have just returned to the East Coast. I have been met with something I wasn’t expecting. I left New Jersey five years ago to move out west and start a different life. I moved  away from here to get sober and chase anadromous fish. To most fishermen and lots of people it is some kind of taboo to be sober. Like I’m crazy or something for not drinking. I don’t like New Jersey for a few reasons. One there are  policemen around every corner here. I drove across country and saw very few on the highway.  I got to New Jersey and there was one almost every mile! So at some point or another you are bound to get pulled over out here and charged with something even if it is a license plate light out!

So it was nice to be out west and not feel like you had to worry about being pulled over all the time. The other reason is because there are no Steelhead here and they are seriously my one true love as far as fly fishing goes. The thing I have encountered though is a group of fly fishermen and tyers who have welcomed me back with open arms. It is hard to describe how nice it is to meet people and have them smile and be cool to you.

I have visited my old haunt the South branch a few times now and it is nice to go back to some old places and feel at home. The river is what really does that for me. Even if it is a small brook, there is something about the water. The birds and the fish when you can find them in the winter can make for a great day in the outdoors. My whole life has been about getting out there no matter where it is! Even here in New Jersey, which most people who are not from here think is a concrete jungle, there are outdoor activitiesin abundance here.  Hunting white tail alone is a pleasure I have long missed and New Jersey has a nice white tail population and a chance for a decent buck with a bow or gun.

Fly fishing has its small pleasures here and once the opening day hordes dissipate you can find some nice days in your favorite get away areas. Mind you there are still a lot of numb nuts out there too. It has been a pleasure to meet the fine people that  fly fish here. They have all been very helpful and to have run  into some of my old punk  friends who now fly fish has been just mind blowing. This crew of people is pretty tight knit and I’m super happy they have been so damn cool to me.

It has not been an easy deal moving back here to live with family due to the fact I wasn’t able to find work out west. I know I’m not alone in that boat though. Lately it seems the country and the world has been pretty messed up and the one thing that has kept me going is my fly fishing and tying. Heck how many of us would be in the loony bin if we didnt have a hobby like fly tying in the winter?! Im pretty sure I would be in the white jacket….. heck half of you think I’m nuts anyway. Could you imagine what I’d be like with out fly tying? Ok don’t answer that I don’t really want to know what you think!

I have just recently joined the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild. This is a group that has been around since 1993. They are trying to promote fly tying and save the heritage of the Catskill dry fly. This is a very old form of dry fly that originated in the Catskll mountains in upstate NY.  They have been a good group of people so far and I’m excited to be a part of the group. Now I need to get my dry fly skills back up to date.

I will soon be headed to the Salmon river to chase some steelhead. This will be a first time chasing fresh water steelhead that never go into the ocean. I’m interested to see how they act to swung flies.  I started fishing the Deschutes River five years ago and got to see the use of two handed fly Rods  and all their uses. I was fishing a single hand for some time and after two trips to the Deschutes wearing myself out and seeing guys out fish and out cast me I decided to take up Spey casting. I will tell you if you nymph for steelhead you are going to catch more fish then if you swing for them. Some people call it an elitist pursuit and yes there are plenty of people guys who swing flies who act like the king of the river. However for me it has been about the  challenge of catching one on the swing rather then hooking numbers of fish. We all seem to have some giant dream of catching thousands of fish in a day which is fine but I would like you to think more about the fish then the numbers! Our sport is under attack like the rest of the country.  Budget cuts seem to be our governments answer to all our problems rather then looking at how to create jobs. If you don’t think this is going to hit home at some point you are not paying attention. This is happening in the south at the moment and these areas need these hatcheries to help the fishing lifestyle  and economy exist down there. I think we should all take some time to sign this petition because this could happen on your doorstep as well. It is happening there so why couldn’t it happen here or in the west?? Wake up people! Some people out west want hatcheries closed for other reasons. It might be a good idea out there but it will take time and things need to be restructured not closed. The fishing world has many battles ahead of it so lets stick up for one another out here and stop fighting amongst ourselves.

So I would like to thank a few people for being so cool on my return home.  John Collins John has been super cool to talk with and he is just an all around good fly fisherman concerned for the fish. Check out his flies. He has some deadly patterns most likely ones you have never seen. János Czifra of for posting me on his blog and being a cool punk bro. We will catch fish soon if it ever stops raining! Michael McAuliffe of Rise form studios for taking me back out on the river and getting me familiar with the insect life here again and helping me! Last but not least my new fishing friend Jessica Lettich for taking intrest in my tying and helping me find some new water to fish!

This will be the last of my posts here on the scandalous fly brothers ,Last November we lost a scandalous brother and it just doesnt seem to be the same to me ,so Im going to start a new blog. I have a new name and will reveal it to you all soon ,So thank you for following along here on this page and I hope you all will like the new blog. I will be letting you all know when the blog is ready!

Thanks Again ,

Mike Nutto


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  1. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to hit the D while you were out here Mike. Great article!

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